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Are you a BC first time homebuyer? RRSP downpayment hints from a BC mortgage broker for obtaining a BC mortgage or mortgage British Columbia loan or mortgage BC first time homebuyers loan

So you are thinking of buying a house in BC? An extremely good idea! It is a beautiful province and buying a house in British Columbia is a great long term investment for a BC first time homebuyer.

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Gregory Stanley - your personal BC mortgage broker with the professional designation of an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP). I am also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) which makes me rather unique in the Canadian mortgage industry. I have over 20 years experience in the financial services industry and I am considered a BC mortgage expert - and a national expert in the Canadian lending marketplace. I pride myself in finding the best and lowest rate BC mortgage for all my clients. My mission statement ‘my first interests are in your best interests’ has served my clients - and me - well over the years.

Without a doubt I can tell you that buying a house is a solid investment that is difficult to match - anywhere. There are a few reasons to jump into the BC housing marketing and obtaining the best BC mortgage or mortgage British Columbia first time homebuyers loan. One, any capital gains accrue tax free as long as the house is your principal residence. Any profit is yours to keep - 100% tax free. This feature alone makes obtaining a BC mortgage first time homebuyers loan and buying a home in British Columbia second to none. You can jump into a purchase with as little as just 5% down payment to purchase a home - and for some purchasers with excellent credit you can buy for zero down. Just imagine a 100% financed BC mortgage. No money down! Another reason? You have to live somewhere. So instead of throwing money away into rent you may as well pay towards owing your own house. Forget about the pride of ownership. Forget about the peace of mind of being able to decorate anyway you wish…or the security in knowing that you can live in a place for as long as you wish to - on your time table and not a landlords. And finally let us forget about the fact that you can make profits in BC real estate - as many BC first time homebuyers have done in the last 8 years. Forget all this. And just think worse case scenario. Assume you buy a BC home and obtain a 25 year BC mortgage and then live there for twenty five long years … and in all that time real estate values do not even increase by one penny! Sound bad? No! The worse thing that can happen to you is that in 25 years your BC mortgage is paid off. No more BC mortgage payments. The rest of your life is ‘BC mortgage’ free and ‘rent free’. And just think of all the fun things you could do in life …golfing & travel…or just having more cash to hang out with your loved ones more.

As your personal BC mortgage broker I can help you get started in your BC home purchase by doing two things. As your personal BC mortgage broker I am networked with ‘buyer’ real estate agents across British Columbia. These agents are used for the sole purpose of finding you a suitable property that a BC lender would approve of and give you the best mortgage British Columbia loan and to negotiate the best purchase price for you. I have a relationship with them. They are working with me ‘ahead of time’ understanding my BC mortgage lending requirements for you to obtain the best BC mortgage financing for you. I will get you pre-approved with a BC mortgage lender. You will get the best lowest rate BC mortgage. It is really that simple. Closing dates are discussed ahead of time. Everything, including negotiating purchase price, the contract of purchase of sale agreement, is discussed with me with the real estate agent. I am very hands on in this entire process. This ensures in my mind that you are truly getting the best BC home purchase deal and BC mortgage financing deal possible.

As your personal BC mortgage broker I will shop the BC lender marketplace for the best and lowest BC mortgage rates. And, besides BC mortgage rates, I will discuss the important BC mortgage provisions that will ensure the right contractual mortgage British Columbia terms for you and your family. There are many options to choose from for your BC mortgage financing. As your personal BC mortgage specialist I can assist you in making the right choices for your BC mortgage first time homebuyers loan.

Here are a few BC mortgage first time homebuyers tips for using a RRSP as a downpayment for a BC mortgage:

  • Applicants have not owned principal residence in the past 5yrs, unless it was a revenue property
  • Each applicant can draw up to $20,000.00
  • Funds are not restricted to down payment alone, may be used as part of closing costs, or any other purpose
  • Repayment is over 15 years
  • Must be primary residence for at least one year
  • RRSP must have been invested for more than 90 days before withdrawal to qualify. Will need to provide proof of this.

If you would like Gregory Stanley, CFP AMP to be your personal BC mortgage broker to help you with all your BC mortgage financing needs CLICK HERE

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